The Naive Mind

I cannot but stand in awe of the power of a child.  They are raw life force.  Raw learning power.  As they stare wide eyed at the world around them you can see that they see everything, smell, hear, taste, feel everything with a poignant newness.  Everything is fresh and novel.  Everything is a danger or a delight.  The relationships between this and that are only lightly formed.  Few prejudices yet exist.

They have not yet learned to talk talk talk talk talk talk at themselves inside their own heads.  I wonder if I did that right?  I wonder if I like that person.  I wonder if that person likes me.  I don’t like this.  I like that.  I have to remember to pick up the thingy from the whose-it’s on the way home.  Don’t forget!  None of this endless scattered chatter!

At the beginning of life there is something else amazing.  For the first few weeks, in my opinion and experience, babies can perceive the life force fields around things.  Western viewpoint says that they are just learning to see and so look around your head.  In reality, they are seeing better than we are.  Or perhaps they are seeing more than we are.  Just as a baby is able to learn any language equally for a few months, so a baby also can perceive any way any person or culture perceives until it learns what those closest and most meaningful to he or she sees and perceives.  She/he then cancels out and blocks off the extra input.

This is why babies look not only at you, but with a soft focus dart their eyes around your head and shoulders.  They are seeing and feeling with their eyes and heart (the mindbody’s most powerful transmitter-receiver) your mood, energy, health and so forth.  The baby is merging with you in a way that you have forgotten how to do.  The baby is literally becoming you to a certain extent so that she or he can understand you from the inside out and the outside in.

We all have this ability.  It is not difficult to awaken with a bit of determination and know how.  A Gamensan cultivates this treasure of the Naive Mind with joy.  This type of total easy focus and openness is coherent with the life that Jehovah made us to live.  It is like sipping the nectar of paradise.

Jesus, of course, had this ability like no other human ever living.  The Bible commented at John 2:25 that Jesus didn’t need anyone to tell him what was in a man’s heart because he knew it.

Jesus’ knowledge came not only from his “Naive Mind”, a mind completely free of narrow minded and imperfect human misconceptions, but also from a super-abundance of God’s wisdom acquired through divine teaching.  Thus, Jesus not only perceived someone clearly without any of the distortions of a chatterbox mind but thanks to wisdom from the Grand Instructor, Jehovah, Jesus understood how and why these things were going on and what they would lead to and when.

This is what is missing from oriental and other ancient and modern analytical systems.  Oh, “you are a red personality…or a blue or a blue-red or passive aggressive” or whatever.  These are really infantile ways of categorizing people and their behaviors.  It is useful to a point but also very blinding and dangerous.  It is like trying to understand what is going on in a crowded room by looking through a key hole.

The key then is to develop both the Naive Mind and especially divine wisdom.  Paul was inspired to write to the Corinthian congregation in his first letter (2:14-16) that a spiritual man is trained by Jehovah God to perceive spiritual things and thus see clearly what physical things really are relative value.  But a “physical man” cannot understand physical things accurately as they because of a lack of spiritual comprehension.  The key then is total devotion to divine teaching and cutting away all other distractions.  Jesus was said to have been glad before Jehovah always.  No doubt he was a rapt student who let nothing interfere or conflict with his divine education.

There is one problem with the child version of the Naive Mind.  As mentioned above their powers are raw.  They are undeveloped, untrained.  As such they are easily redirected, misdirected, blunted and dispersed.  You know that this is so if you have ever had to help a child pay attention for any length of time.

As an adult we need to focus and control our treasure of consciousness not letting anyone or anything hijack it.  We need to reawaken our raw Naive Mind talent, this genius that Jehovah God laid as gold and silver in us, and then mold and prune the garden of our minds as watchman-gardeners ever with the beaming eyes of eagles.  Like the Israelite builders of Nehemiah’s day we need to work at building the Naive Mind and divine wisdom with one hand and keep the sword in the other.  We need to keep our mind-heart complex like a “garden barred in” protected from being trampled and molested.  – Song of Solomon 4:12.

Boredom and anxiety are two emotions which give a clue that we have actually been trained by the world around us to accept commands of what to think, say, do and buy and also it has the designed function of stopping us from exercising high order cognitive ability and blunt our ability to feel the natural well spring of well being that Jehovah has planned within us.  Basically, we can’t focus well anymore.  We cannot control our emotions.  They are often painful so that we cope by ignoring our emotional landscape.  We find ourselves sad, bored, angry, driven…and we need a substance to alter our mood.  That substance is ligands, psycho-neuro chemicals.  We get these through any number of means.  It could be reading a book, falling down on the bed and sleeping, having sex (a good thing by itself but not a powerful act of spiritual love when “going off” like this) or watching other people in a relationship have sex or have sexual-sensual-violent tension (yes, the world has been training us to be voyeurs like the demons of Noah’s day), prideful lime lighting, near meaningless multimedia interactions, and so many other dead end escapes, rides, and trails for our attention to get lost in.

In the next article I’ll write about another recognized treasure that has the power to lead one out of this haze and labyrinthine maze.

It will come with a super easy exercise that will connect you to Natural State nearly instantly plus another exercise that will heal you of many emotional and physical maladies (usually brought on but a severe lack of Natural State and consuming its synthetic substitutes).



Extra content:

Gamensa definition:

The Naive Mind

The mind at its beginning; free of preconceptions, closest to the awakening moment of human awareness, the moment of creation.

Imagine Adam’s first moments when he became aware.  He had completely clear and undistorted senses, perfect language undistorted by shoddy and fuzzy imperfect human word forms.

The mind free of bad data clusters and physio-subclusters which cause distortions of perception, health issues and wrong belief structures.

The mind formless; with few labels and few words, with quiet and focused operation and only labeling with an eraseable pencil.  (So to speak.  Means that you can categorize and recognize but are not dogmatic and stuck.  You can see from many angles and unlearn almost as fast as you learn.)

The mind and heart flowing like a smooth river with few rocks to chop it.  The mind and heart rotating on its axis perfectly and infinitely like the galaxy, holding every thought and data particle, every connection, every relation in frightening clarity.


The Breath of Life Within

Chi, prana, mana, ki.  These are various ways that cultures around the world have labeled the moving currents of force in the universe around us and its cousin within us.  Chi is probably one of the most widely hollywood-ized, if you allow the word.  Many people know that the “Force” from Star Wars is based on this concept.  Of course, it has been much distorted in those movies.

For many the question is whether it even exists.  Western society tends to view this as unscientific and mythological.  Even those who truly “believe in” it is really thought of as mystical in nature instead of a measurable phenomenon.  To many in the East it is as plain as the nose on their face.  It is as obvious as the wind and as integral to their society and everyday life as concepts like cars, combs and shoes are.

For some Christians, Jews and Muslims the question is whether or not these things constitute magic and sorcery, which God banned from long ago.

This is a deep subject but an interesting one.  My objective here is to simply point you to the fact that chi alone is not in and of itself a product of magic.  But like any force or thing in the universe it can be misused.  We can also be misinformed about it and that can lead to dangers as well.  On the other hand, knowledge of chi or this force, can be used to boost the intellect, power the memory and creative forces of mind and body, create superior health and resilience on every level and much more.

One of the best things is that it can lead to a greater understanding of the mind-body connection.  Why are we getting fatter, flabby, sicker, lacking in energy, in will power and mental focus as a culture?  One reason is an almost complete lack of consciousness for the force of life.

The Bible describes this force as ruach or spirit.  In the Bible ruach can mean many things.  However, the underlying principle is that ruach is invisible but exerts itself in the visible realm.  Ruach has consequences we can see and measure.  Ruach is a force, energy being sent and/or spend, energy in motion.  One of the uses for ruach is as the life force in our bodies.  Jehovah God breathed into the first man in order to jump start this ruach in him.  From that point Adam came to be a living soul.  The word for what God did here in breathing into Adam was neshamah.  This breath of life is respiration of the lungs, organ systems, organs, tissues and indeed the cells.  This respiration supports the life force or the ruach.  On the other hand, the ruach drives and makes possible the continuance of the neshamah.  For continued respiration we need ruach.  But for continued ruach we need neshamah or respiration.

Here, prove the link between the two to yourself:

First, to become aware of ruach do the following:

  1. Stand in a relaxed way and breathe naturally, from your abdomen but not forced deep breathing.  Just normal breaths.
  2. Rub your hands together vigorously for a few seconds.
  3. Place you hands on your belly so that the tips of your middle fingers are touching your navel.  Now slide your hands down about 1 or 2 inches.
  4. Now remaining level with this area slowly bring your hands out in front of you.  It should look like you are holding a beach ball to your belly.  Your hands and fingers should still be pointing toward each other and your palms still aimed toward your belly.  You should stand relaxed.  No unnecessary tension in your legs, arms, back, neck, shoulders, hands.
  5. Remain in this stance and focus lightly inside yourself at about 2 or 3 inches below your navel and about 1/3 to 1/2 way inside your body.  The area you can become aware of is about the size of an apple and larger.  It varies from person to person and from day to day.  Sometimes it is the size of a marble.  Sometimes much bigger.  This is the main chi/ruach storage center of your body.  You become aware of it lightly, like you might become aware of some wind on your skin.  Feel it rather than visualize it.  Don’t be concerned if your mind doesn’t hold the focus.
  6. Hold this focus and pose for about 5 minutes.  If you cannot hold it for the entire time, no problem.  Put your arms down for a moment and then return them.  Or you can even just shake them or move them a little bit to take the edge off the tiredness.
  7. Now bring your palms toward each other, facing each other.  Notice what you sense in the palms of your hands, over your entire hands and between your hands.  The slight tackiness is chi or ruach.

Now prove the link between ruach and neshamah to yourself.

  1. Keeping your palms facing each other focus on the sensations of your hands as you breath in and out.  Relax your entire body.  Keep all unnecessary tension out.
  2. Your hands will begin to feel like they are breathing.  As you inhale it will feel that your hands are inhaling.  As you exhale they will feel like they are exhaling.  They actually are, but they are doing so mostly with ruach.  You are respirating ruach right now!  Actually, you always are but being more conscious of it you are actually causing it to be amplified many times over.  The result is that your life force is growing inside your body.  It is becoming more active and powerful.
  3. Go back to the beach ball stance.  Does the ball feel smaller or bigger?  It is exerting more pressure or less on your hands?  Most people can feel a “bigger” ball at this point.  You’ve collected more energy.
  4. Just so you don’t waste it you can use this ruach by projecting it into a part of yourself.  Some people put it into their knees.  Some put it into their face for beauty purposes.
  5. Knees: simply sense the ruach around your hands as you lower them to your knees and then continue to breath as you gently rub it into your knees.  You can put your palms near each other afterward and you will notice that the extra ruach is gone.  It is now in your knees.
  6. Face: you can bring your palms to your face in the same manner as above with knees.  Place your palms on your face and gently rub in circles as you continue to breath normally and stay relaxed.  You can rub it for 3-9 times.  Each time you rub in a circle go through your scalp and the back of your head all the way to the base of your skull.  Then, go back to your face and repeat until you’ve done it 3-12 times.

So you have just started to prove to yourself: 1) the existence of life force energy, chi or ruach in your body, and 2) its link to your breath (neshamah).  Just like the Bible says!

There are so many instances in this life and this universe where we come to a place where we could ask that old school room question “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  Yes, which can first, the breath or the ruach?  The answer is Jehovah God came first and there is no mystery or mysticism in that, nor in ruach itself!  The danger lies in myths and lies!  This is not to say that we understand everything there is to know about chi but that we can.  It is not myth nor unknowable and unprovable.

Gamensan training is centered around using ruach and neshamah to cultivate body structure, self-healing ability, viral and bacteriological immunity, and all psychic (mind-mental) Gamensa abilities.  This is used to debug the psyche, strengthen it and project it the past and future as well as enhance memory and mathematical powers.

How “Dangerous” is Your Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is a Chinese concept that is woefully distorted in the Western mind.  First of all, it sounds more like Gong Fu when it is said by the Chinese.  But the important difference in understanding is that Gong Fu is not a martial art.

Kung Fu or Gong Fu means skill and/or skill knowledge.

To illustrate, you walk.  You stand.  You write.  You drive a motor vehicle.  But what is your level of Gong Fu doing these?

A problem with the Western mind that has infected Christians and actually been spread by Christendom (two totally separate entities and entity groups, mind you) throughout the last two millenniums is an extreme lack of mindfulness.

Go somewhere you can watch people for a while.  A park or a mall.  Sit and watch.

Notice that people are walking about stiffly and limping or moving off-balance in almost every case.  Of course, the older the person is usually the worse off they are.  But even young people have this problem if you look closely.  They are digging their own graves, shortening their lives with each motion because of their lack of Gong Fu in application to motion, particularly walking.

When did you learn to walk?  For the Westerner it was likely when you were a toddler.  Since then very little attention has been given to learning to walk!  Thus, you walk with about the same Gong Fu as you did when you were young!  Without mindfulness, which is focused consciousness, you will experience entropy instead of increasing coherence.  In other words, your walking system will break down slowly over time.  That goes the same with any area of life.

Without Gong Fu, we are sliding downhill to an early grave.

How does this concept apply to a Christian’s theocratic meditation?  Of course, Jehovah God trains his worshippers in this very way.  It is not known by that name.

If you open the Bible at the beginning and read you will see God demonstrating this concept for us.  After each of the creative periods he enjoyed his work.  No doubt there was much more to it.  The Bible reveals that angels were involved as workers.  The primary worker was Jesus, at that time known as Michael.

Most do not think that God learns but the Biblical record shows that God indeed does.  He doesn’t know everything.  Why?  Because he chooses not to know it all at once.  Thus, if you go a bit further in Genesis was will see that he paid close attention to his human son, watching him, listening to him.  Whatever Adam would call an animal “that would be its name”.  In other words, the name that God gave it initially may have taken a back seat to what his human son called it.  This was new information in the universe.  God chose to learn it through mindfulness in the present rather than knowing the future instantly, which he has the ability to do.

These are just two examples.  There are many examples in scripture of humans, angels and God exercising superb mindfulness.  And on the part of humans and angels this also means an increase in skill.

On a quantum level the universe is tending toward breakdown.  This principle is a law of thermodynamics.  It is called entropy.  This is the disorder present in systems.  Consciousness represents order.  When you become conscious of something you immediately become more orderly on a quantum level.  Through organized mindfulness and the right techniques any area of your spiritual, mental, moral, physical, financial, business – whatever – life will become more orderly.

“Keep strict watch on how you walk.” – Ephesians 5:15.

The most important and vital part of life is our spiritual existence.  Thus, there is no greater need for Gong Fu – or whatever you wish to call mindfulness and skill consciousness – then in our spirituality and godly devotion.  In fact, to be missing this quality and ever improving Gong Fu here is truly dangerous!

Is there an opposite of Gong Fu?  YES!  The Bible names it!  Easygoingness and sluggishness.

“For the renegading of the inexperienced ones is what will kill them, and the easygoingness of the stupid is what will destroy them.” – Proverbs 1:32.

Jesus says that the eye that is simple is the Christian eye.  While the eye that is not simple is wicked.  The Greek here for simple is literally “all one way”.  An eye that is simple is not scattering light but focusing it “all one way”.

Also, in an illustration Jesus said that a master would go away and leave talents (currency) with three different slaves.  They were to work at enriching him while he was away.  One slave went out and buried what he was given.  The master’s reaction?  He called that slave “wicked and sluggish”.

In terms of the universal laws of life we can say that mindfulness and continual serious devotion to godly devotion and all aspects of spirituality is the pulse of life while sluggishness and easygoingness in this area means entropy, breakdown, degradation and death.  From God’s point of view it is anti-Christ, anti-life.  Wicked.

A lack of Gong Fu means a serious lack of joy.  It means trying to get something for nothing, which is a path of diminishing returns.  God described this as a problem with most of the Jews of Malachi’s day.  You can read about it in the book bearing his name.

Each year the Jewish men were to take the firstfruit – the very best – of their flocks and offer it to Jehovah.  Instead they would take sick or ill ones.  Not only did this mean that they had a guilty conscience and so put Jehovah out of their mind, they also had a hard time doing it.  The sick and the injured still needed to be taken to Jerusalem.  And of course, the whole way, it would be more difficult to bring a sick or injured animal.  They would also try to hide the defect on the way down.  Who knows what other energy sucking things happened for this shoddy sacrifice, this sluggish and easygoing and wicked behavior!  How much more joy would they have had if only they gave their best!  How much more would Jehovah had blessed their crops and flocks and herds!  God loves a cheerful giver!

In that same way too, Gong Fu, will a challenge to live at first, quickly becomes incredibly joyful and enriching to your life, especially when applied to your spirituality!

Gong Fu is an essential Gamensan value and attribute.


Jesus Had to Die…But Why On a Torture Stake?

This morning’s Examining the Scriptures Daily text brought up this tidbit from my memory.

In this article I’ll make this question the target of Gamensa consciousness.

Gamensa is based on the premises that 1) humans cannot know true reality by themselves but only build paradigms of it and that 2) God is reality and is the source of reality which can be known progressively through a relationship with him and by developing God-given human abilities of under his guidance to that end.

The first thing that a Gamensan does is appreciate the value of knowing this information.  If it is in the Bible it is vital.  God didn’t put anything in the Bible because he was feeling chit chatty.

“The saying of Jehovah is a refined one.” – 2 Samuel 22:31.  See also Psalm 12:6.

Not all information is useful but we can be sure that this subject is!  Without deep appreciation for the overwhelming value of this and any other Biblical subject there is no drive to know.  Without that drive there is no Gamensa consciousness.  No ability to search for truth.

Cultivating deep appreciation of knowing a subject is the first step.

Where so many humans stumble is our second factor of Gamensa consciousness.

Knowledge is revealed in questions.  This question heightens the consciousness so that we can break away from mental blind spots:

What must we un-know in order to know?

In all cases we can benefit from asking this question first.  Nominal Christians are a good example.  Many feel that 1) they already know the answer to this and other Biblical questions.

That presupposes that there isn’t more to be known and that they know the truth in the first place.  While the later is possible the former is not.

This first presupposition is a definite block to knowing anything new.  It is a block to knowing truth and thus a danger to life.  It is also a killer of Gamensa consciousness.

Another thing that some may feel is that the answer cannot be known or is not meant to be known.  While whole articles can be written on this subject we will dispense with them by identifying them as logic traps.

The Bible shows that God is a God of justice and education.  Only by educating his subjects in his laws could there ever be true justice.  Thus, the Bible is full of not only laws and principles but history showing how God and those that obeyed and didn’t obey him behaved and what happened in those cases.  In other words, the Bible can be looked at as a legal library from which divine law can be understood.  Guided by God’s Spirit many people lived and sometimes died so that this library could arrive in our time intact and available to over 95% of Earths population.

This precludes the argument that we just cannot know God or his truths as taught in the Bible.

This point is already in the front of Gamensan consciousness but I’ll state it again as a third point in this exercise:

Humans cannot absolutely know the truth.  We can only build paradigms of the truth and progressively understand it through divine relation…at best.

Having swept the subject through these filters we are ready to move into the meat!


Many Christians understand that Jesus paid off the sins of Adam for those who would obediently serve God.  But why did he have to die so horribly?  Could he not have died an easier death?

Consider death on a torture state.

Of course, many Christians think Jesus was crucified (that he was executed on a cross).  However, just by reading the Bible you can see that this was not true.  And yes, it really makes a big difference.  Especially to the Jews…but we’ll get to that.

The account says that the soldiers broke the legs of the men next to Jesus.  Why?  Because the Law of Moses says that a person couldn’t hang on a torture stake through the night.

But how would breaking their legs guarantee a quick death for Jesus and the two others?

If he was on a cross it wouldn’t.

But if Jesus was on a torture stake as the Greek is properly translated then it would be fatal.

A torture stake is a torture stake.  The condemned is nailed to the stake with hands above the head and with feet to the bottom usually on a single spike, one above and one below.

In order to breath the condemned person has to use their legs to lift themselves up and take the weight off of their hands so that they can breath.  Breathing is only minimally possible while hanging fully from the hands.  Without transferring weight from the hands to the feet momentarily a person would soon suffocate.  Therefore, understand that:

Dying on a torture stake means hard agonizing work with only death as the release.  A crucifixion is almost a kindness in comparison.

God’s divine standard said “a life for a life”.  We know that Adam lost perfect endless life for us all by sinning.  (Romans 5:12)  We know that Jesus was the perfect legal equivalent, not more and not less.  He was no demigod or superhuman.  He wasn’t God in the flesh.  He was only a perfect man though formerly he was an angel.  Therefore, he properly called himself “Son of Man” repeatedly instead of Son of God (though he obviously was).  He wanted us to focus on his ability to redeem.

There was no stipulation for how that life needed to be paid except that blood must be poured out and that the sacrifice needed to be without spot.  Therefore, “not a bone of his was broken”.

Legally, he could have saved the human race by any death which met those requirements…but he would not have saved any Jew bound by the Law of Moses.

The Law of Moses was a perfect law meant to sensitize humanity to the need for a redeemer.  No Jew or anyone else could possibly obey it completely while a perfect human could easily.  Thus, Jesus was the only human, the only Jew, ever to obey the Law of Moses.  All other Jews were cursed to death.  And not just any death.

Galatians 3:10-13 reveals that those Jews not obedient to the Law were accursed and those accursed must die on a torture stake.

Only through animal sacrifices did any Jew avoid this death.  However, that didn’t take away any sin.  It only demonstrated faith in the fact that Jehovah would provide a sacrifice able to free them at some point in the future.

That sacrifice was Jesus Christ.

So by dying Jesus was able to redeem all obedient humanity from death.

But only by death on a torture stake was the perfectly obedient Jew, Jesus, able to repurchase his brother and sister countrymen from Jehovah’s judgment of death on a torture stake.

(See Insight on the Scriptures Volume 2 page 1117)