How “Dangerous” is Your Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is a Chinese concept that is woefully distorted in the Western mind.  First of all, it sounds more like Gong Fu when it is said by the Chinese.  But the important difference in understanding is that Gong Fu is not a martial art.

Kung Fu or Gong Fu means skill and/or skill knowledge.

To illustrate, you walk.  You stand.  You write.  You drive a motor vehicle.  But what is your level of Gong Fu doing these?

A problem with the Western mind that has infected Christians and actually been spread by Christendom (two totally separate entities and entity groups, mind you) throughout the last two millenniums is an extreme lack of mindfulness.

Go somewhere you can watch people for a while.  A park or a mall.  Sit and watch.

Notice that people are walking about stiffly and limping or moving off-balance in almost every case.  Of course, the older the person is usually the worse off they are.  But even young people have this problem if you look closely.  They are digging their own graves, shortening their lives with each motion because of their lack of Gong Fu in application to motion, particularly walking.

When did you learn to walk?  For the Westerner it was likely when you were a toddler.  Since then very little attention has been given to learning to walk!  Thus, you walk with about the same Gong Fu as you did when you were young!  Without mindfulness, which is focused consciousness, you will experience entropy instead of increasing coherence.  In other words, your walking system will break down slowly over time.  That goes the same with any area of life.

Without Gong Fu, we are sliding downhill to an early grave.

How does this concept apply to a Christian’s theocratic meditation?  Of course, Jehovah God trains his worshippers in this very way.  It is not known by that name.

If you open the Bible at the beginning and read you will see God demonstrating this concept for us.  After each of the creative periods he enjoyed his work.  No doubt there was much more to it.  The Bible reveals that angels were involved as workers.  The primary worker was Jesus, at that time known as Michael.

Most do not think that God learns but the Biblical record shows that God indeed does.  He doesn’t know everything.  Why?  Because he chooses not to know it all at once.  Thus, if you go a bit further in Genesis was will see that he paid close attention to his human son, watching him, listening to him.  Whatever Adam would call an animal “that would be its name”.  In other words, the name that God gave it initially may have taken a back seat to what his human son called it.  This was new information in the universe.  God chose to learn it through mindfulness in the present rather than knowing the future instantly, which he has the ability to do.

These are just two examples.  There are many examples in scripture of humans, angels and God exercising superb mindfulness.  And on the part of humans and angels this also means an increase in skill.

On a quantum level the universe is tending toward breakdown.  This principle is a law of thermodynamics.  It is called entropy.  This is the disorder present in systems.  Consciousness represents order.  When you become conscious of something you immediately become more orderly on a quantum level.  Through organized mindfulness and the right techniques any area of your spiritual, mental, moral, physical, financial, business – whatever – life will become more orderly.

“Keep strict watch on how you walk.” – Ephesians 5:15.

The most important and vital part of life is our spiritual existence.  Thus, there is no greater need for Gong Fu – or whatever you wish to call mindfulness and skill consciousness – then in our spirituality and godly devotion.  In fact, to be missing this quality and ever improving Gong Fu here is truly dangerous!

Is there an opposite of Gong Fu?  YES!  The Bible names it!  Easygoingness and sluggishness.

“For the renegading of the inexperienced ones is what will kill them, and the easygoingness of the stupid is what will destroy them.” – Proverbs 1:32.

Jesus says that the eye that is simple is the Christian eye.  While the eye that is not simple is wicked.  The Greek here for simple is literally “all one way”.  An eye that is simple is not scattering light but focusing it “all one way”.

Also, in an illustration Jesus said that a master would go away and leave talents (currency) with three different slaves.  They were to work at enriching him while he was away.  One slave went out and buried what he was given.  The master’s reaction?  He called that slave “wicked and sluggish”.

In terms of the universal laws of life we can say that mindfulness and continual serious devotion to godly devotion and all aspects of spirituality is the pulse of life while sluggishness and easygoingness in this area means entropy, breakdown, degradation and death.  From God’s point of view it is anti-Christ, anti-life.  Wicked.

A lack of Gong Fu means a serious lack of joy.  It means trying to get something for nothing, which is a path of diminishing returns.  God described this as a problem with most of the Jews of Malachi’s day.  You can read about it in the book bearing his name.

Each year the Jewish men were to take the firstfruit – the very best – of their flocks and offer it to Jehovah.  Instead they would take sick or ill ones.  Not only did this mean that they had a guilty conscience and so put Jehovah out of their mind, they also had a hard time doing it.  The sick and the injured still needed to be taken to Jerusalem.  And of course, the whole way, it would be more difficult to bring a sick or injured animal.  They would also try to hide the defect on the way down.  Who knows what other energy sucking things happened for this shoddy sacrifice, this sluggish and easygoing and wicked behavior!  How much more joy would they have had if only they gave their best!  How much more would Jehovah had blessed their crops and flocks and herds!  God loves a cheerful giver!

In that same way too, Gong Fu, will a challenge to live at first, quickly becomes incredibly joyful and enriching to your life, especially when applied to your spirituality!

Gong Fu is an essential Gamensan value and attribute.



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