The Breath of Life Within

Chi, prana, mana, ki.  These are various ways that cultures around the world have labeled the moving currents of force in the universe around us and its cousin within us.  Chi is probably one of the most widely hollywood-ized, if you allow the word.  Many people know that the “Force” from Star Wars is based on this concept.  Of course, it has been much distorted in those movies.

For many the question is whether it even exists.  Western society tends to view this as unscientific and mythological.  Even those who truly “believe in” it is really thought of as mystical in nature instead of a measurable phenomenon.  To many in the East it is as plain as the nose on their face.  It is as obvious as the wind and as integral to their society and everyday life as concepts like cars, combs and shoes are.

For some Christians, Jews and Muslims the question is whether or not these things constitute magic and sorcery, which God banned from long ago.

This is a deep subject but an interesting one.  My objective here is to simply point you to the fact that chi alone is not in and of itself a product of magic.  But like any force or thing in the universe it can be misused.  We can also be misinformed about it and that can lead to dangers as well.  On the other hand, knowledge of chi or this force, can be used to boost the intellect, power the memory and creative forces of mind and body, create superior health and resilience on every level and much more.

One of the best things is that it can lead to a greater understanding of the mind-body connection.  Why are we getting fatter, flabby, sicker, lacking in energy, in will power and mental focus as a culture?  One reason is an almost complete lack of consciousness for the force of life.

The Bible describes this force as ruach or spirit.  In the Bible ruach can mean many things.  However, the underlying principle is that ruach is invisible but exerts itself in the visible realm.  Ruach has consequences we can see and measure.  Ruach is a force, energy being sent and/or spend, energy in motion.  One of the uses for ruach is as the life force in our bodies.  Jehovah God breathed into the first man in order to jump start this ruach in him.  From that point Adam came to be a living soul.  The word for what God did here in breathing into Adam was neshamah.  This breath of life is respiration of the lungs, organ systems, organs, tissues and indeed the cells.  This respiration supports the life force or the ruach.  On the other hand, the ruach drives and makes possible the continuance of the neshamah.  For continued respiration we need ruach.  But for continued ruach we need neshamah or respiration.

Here, prove the link between the two to yourself:

First, to become aware of ruach do the following:

  1. Stand in a relaxed way and breathe naturally, from your abdomen but not forced deep breathing.  Just normal breaths.
  2. Rub your hands together vigorously for a few seconds.
  3. Place you hands on your belly so that the tips of your middle fingers are touching your navel.  Now slide your hands down about 1 or 2 inches.
  4. Now remaining level with this area slowly bring your hands out in front of you.  It should look like you are holding a beach ball to your belly.  Your hands and fingers should still be pointing toward each other and your palms still aimed toward your belly.  You should stand relaxed.  No unnecessary tension in your legs, arms, back, neck, shoulders, hands.
  5. Remain in this stance and focus lightly inside yourself at about 2 or 3 inches below your navel and about 1/3 to 1/2 way inside your body.  The area you can become aware of is about the size of an apple and larger.  It varies from person to person and from day to day.  Sometimes it is the size of a marble.  Sometimes much bigger.  This is the main chi/ruach storage center of your body.  You become aware of it lightly, like you might become aware of some wind on your skin.  Feel it rather than visualize it.  Don’t be concerned if your mind doesn’t hold the focus.
  6. Hold this focus and pose for about 5 minutes.  If you cannot hold it for the entire time, no problem.  Put your arms down for a moment and then return them.  Or you can even just shake them or move them a little bit to take the edge off the tiredness.
  7. Now bring your palms toward each other, facing each other.  Notice what you sense in the palms of your hands, over your entire hands and between your hands.  The slight tackiness is chi or ruach.

Now prove the link between ruach and neshamah to yourself.

  1. Keeping your palms facing each other focus on the sensations of your hands as you breath in and out.  Relax your entire body.  Keep all unnecessary tension out.
  2. Your hands will begin to feel like they are breathing.  As you inhale it will feel that your hands are inhaling.  As you exhale they will feel like they are exhaling.  They actually are, but they are doing so mostly with ruach.  You are respirating ruach right now!  Actually, you always are but being more conscious of it you are actually causing it to be amplified many times over.  The result is that your life force is growing inside your body.  It is becoming more active and powerful.
  3. Go back to the beach ball stance.  Does the ball feel smaller or bigger?  It is exerting more pressure or less on your hands?  Most people can feel a “bigger” ball at this point.  You’ve collected more energy.
  4. Just so you don’t waste it you can use this ruach by projecting it into a part of yourself.  Some people put it into their knees.  Some put it into their face for beauty purposes.
  5. Knees: simply sense the ruach around your hands as you lower them to your knees and then continue to breath as you gently rub it into your knees.  You can put your palms near each other afterward and you will notice that the extra ruach is gone.  It is now in your knees.
  6. Face: you can bring your palms to your face in the same manner as above with knees.  Place your palms on your face and gently rub in circles as you continue to breath normally and stay relaxed.  You can rub it for 3-9 times.  Each time you rub in a circle go through your scalp and the back of your head all the way to the base of your skull.  Then, go back to your face and repeat until you’ve done it 3-12 times.

So you have just started to prove to yourself: 1) the existence of life force energy, chi or ruach in your body, and 2) its link to your breath (neshamah).  Just like the Bible says!

There are so many instances in this life and this universe where we come to a place where we could ask that old school room question “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  Yes, which can first, the breath or the ruach?  The answer is Jehovah God came first and there is no mystery or mysticism in that, nor in ruach itself!  The danger lies in myths and lies!  This is not to say that we understand everything there is to know about chi but that we can.  It is not myth nor unknowable and unprovable.

Gamensan training is centered around using ruach and neshamah to cultivate body structure, self-healing ability, viral and bacteriological immunity, and all psychic (mind-mental) Gamensa abilities.  This is used to debug the psyche, strengthen it and project it the past and future as well as enhance memory and mathematical powers.


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