The Naive Mind

I cannot but stand in awe of the power of a child.  They are raw life force.  Raw learning power.  As they stare wide eyed at the world around them you can see that they see everything, smell, hear, taste, feel everything with a poignant newness.  Everything is fresh and novel.  Everything is a danger or a delight.  The relationships between this and that are only lightly formed.  Few prejudices yet exist.

They have not yet learned to talk talk talk talk talk talk at themselves inside their own heads.  I wonder if I did that right?  I wonder if I like that person.  I wonder if that person likes me.  I don’t like this.  I like that.  I have to remember to pick up the thingy from the whose-it’s on the way home.  Don’t forget!  None of this endless scattered chatter!

At the beginning of life there is something else amazing.  For the first few weeks, in my opinion and experience, babies can perceive the life force fields around things.  Western viewpoint says that they are just learning to see and so look around your head.  In reality, they are seeing better than we are.  Or perhaps they are seeing more than we are.  Just as a baby is able to learn any language equally for a few months, so a baby also can perceive any way any person or culture perceives until it learns what those closest and most meaningful to he or she sees and perceives.  She/he then cancels out and blocks off the extra input.

This is why babies look not only at you, but with a soft focus dart their eyes around your head and shoulders.  They are seeing and feeling with their eyes and heart (the mindbody’s most powerful transmitter-receiver) your mood, energy, health and so forth.  The baby is merging with you in a way that you have forgotten how to do.  The baby is literally becoming you to a certain extent so that she or he can understand you from the inside out and the outside in.

We all have this ability.  It is not difficult to awaken with a bit of determination and know how.  A Gamensan cultivates this treasure of the Naive Mind with joy.  This type of total easy focus and openness is coherent with the life that Jehovah made us to live.  It is like sipping the nectar of paradise.

Jesus, of course, had this ability like no other human ever living.  The Bible commented at John 2:25 that Jesus didn’t need anyone to tell him what was in a man’s heart because he knew it.

Jesus’ knowledge came not only from his “Naive Mind”, a mind completely free of narrow minded and imperfect human misconceptions, but also from a super-abundance of God’s wisdom acquired through divine teaching.  Thus, Jesus not only perceived someone clearly without any of the distortions of a chatterbox mind but thanks to wisdom from the Grand Instructor, Jehovah, Jesus understood how and why these things were going on and what they would lead to and when.

This is what is missing from oriental and other ancient and modern analytical systems.  Oh, “you are a red personality…or a blue or a blue-red or passive aggressive” or whatever.  These are really infantile ways of categorizing people and their behaviors.  It is useful to a point but also very blinding and dangerous.  It is like trying to understand what is going on in a crowded room by looking through a key hole.

The key then is to develop both the Naive Mind and especially divine wisdom.  Paul was inspired to write to the Corinthian congregation in his first letter (2:14-16) that a spiritual man is trained by Jehovah God to perceive spiritual things and thus see clearly what physical things really are relative value.  But a “physical man” cannot understand physical things accurately as they because of a lack of spiritual comprehension.  The key then is total devotion to divine teaching and cutting away all other distractions.  Jesus was said to have been glad before Jehovah always.  No doubt he was a rapt student who let nothing interfere or conflict with his divine education.

There is one problem with the child version of the Naive Mind.  As mentioned above their powers are raw.  They are undeveloped, untrained.  As such they are easily redirected, misdirected, blunted and dispersed.  You know that this is so if you have ever had to help a child pay attention for any length of time.

As an adult we need to focus and control our treasure of consciousness not letting anyone or anything hijack it.  We need to reawaken our raw Naive Mind talent, this genius that Jehovah God laid as gold and silver in us, and then mold and prune the garden of our minds as watchman-gardeners ever with the beaming eyes of eagles.  Like the Israelite builders of Nehemiah’s day we need to work at building the Naive Mind and divine wisdom with one hand and keep the sword in the other.  We need to keep our mind-heart complex like a “garden barred in” protected from being trampled and molested.  – Song of Solomon 4:12.

Boredom and anxiety are two emotions which give a clue that we have actually been trained by the world around us to accept commands of what to think, say, do and buy and also it has the designed function of stopping us from exercising high order cognitive ability and blunt our ability to feel the natural well spring of well being that Jehovah has planned within us.  Basically, we can’t focus well anymore.  We cannot control our emotions.  They are often painful so that we cope by ignoring our emotional landscape.  We find ourselves sad, bored, angry, driven…and we need a substance to alter our mood.  That substance is ligands, psycho-neuro chemicals.  We get these through any number of means.  It could be reading a book, falling down on the bed and sleeping, having sex (a good thing by itself but not a powerful act of spiritual love when “going off” like this) or watching other people in a relationship have sex or have sexual-sensual-violent tension (yes, the world has been training us to be voyeurs like the demons of Noah’s day), prideful lime lighting, near meaningless multimedia interactions, and so many other dead end escapes, rides, and trails for our attention to get lost in.

In the next article I’ll write about another recognized treasure that has the power to lead one out of this haze and labyrinthine maze.

It will come with a super easy exercise that will connect you to Natural State nearly instantly plus another exercise that will heal you of many emotional and physical maladies (usually brought on but a severe lack of Natural State and consuming its synthetic substitutes).



Extra content:

Gamensa definition:

The Naive Mind

The mind at its beginning; free of preconceptions, closest to the awakening moment of human awareness, the moment of creation.

Imagine Adam’s first moments when he became aware.  He had completely clear and undistorted senses, perfect language undistorted by shoddy and fuzzy imperfect human word forms.

The mind free of bad data clusters and physio-subclusters which cause distortions of perception, health issues and wrong belief structures.

The mind formless; with few labels and few words, with quiet and focused operation and only labeling with an eraseable pencil.  (So to speak.  Means that you can categorize and recognize but are not dogmatic and stuck.  You can see from many angles and unlearn almost as fast as you learn.)

The mind and heart flowing like a smooth river with few rocks to chop it.  The mind and heart rotating on its axis perfectly and infinitely like the galaxy, holding every thought and data particle, every connection, every relation in frightening clarity.


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