In The Beginning…

(This article will take a “minute” to read and will require you to interact.  I suggest reading through it firs.  Just have fun.  Then, if you wish to do the exercises read it when you have about 45 minutes and a quiet place.  Enjoy!)

God created…

But why?

Having had the privilege of coming to know the Only True God, Jehovah, we’ve learned that all his ways are justice, that he has farsighted wisdom, that he is the very source of all power.  And more than anything else, Jehovah personifies love.  Everything he does is out of love!

That said we can reflect on the thought that life is a gift that Jehovah gave us to enjoy.  At the same time Jehovah was also showing love to himself and his great name.  How so?  Before Jehovah created us he was not a father.  Then, at some point in the distance past Jehovah conceived us as an idea and then took steps to make us a reality.  He prepared to become “the Father”.  This responsibility and privilege was full of joys.  Even conceiving of being a father and going through the steps leading up to such was a joyful experience!  Therefore, we can conclude that from at least that moment Jehovah experienced dual love and the principle of agape love came to be dual in nature.

Dual love: Two-fold love.  Love for 1) self and 2) others that is perfectly balanced and proportionally expressed according to context.  Love which exists like the wings of a bird.  Both wings work together and neither is more important than the other, both are totally necessary for flight.  To a certain extent the one exists because of the other and lose function, power and even meaning without each other.

Jehovah loves himself for our sake and loves us for his sake.  This motivation is a duality and its function is expressed simultaneously.

The fact that we too should always exercise dual love according to the pattern set by Jehovah and Jesus is shown in the principles set out in the Holy Scriptures.

We are told that the Jews were to love their neighbors as themselves.  We are told that husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. Both of these suggest that we should love ourselves to a certain extent.

However, we get all mixed up in the assumption that one act is motivated by a single love “target” at a time.  They must exist simultaneously and in balance!

Please consider the following questions:

  • Why do we put up others our kids driving us crazy?  Because we love them.
  • Why do we set down after a long day of work and just relax and do something for our self?  Love of self.

Please read the two questions above and notice what reactions these evoke in you.  With the first you may have judged putting up with someone correct and loving.  Spiritual.  However, if you are a parent you may have also experienced some discomfort somewhere in your body.  Perhaps, a ghostly flash of pain behind the eyes.  😛  Why is this?  The reason is that we often do not realize in “real time” dual love.  We are loving one or the other.  This creates a damaging imbalance and leads to all sorts of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “micro-problems” that we don’t detect.  And of course, in the long run bigger problems develop but these we don’t often connect with this phenomenon.

To illustrate it, you could picture yourself as a tire on an automobile that is wearing unevenly and going before it’s time.  Why?  It is out of alignment.  It is not touching the road fully all of the time.  In our case we are out of alignment with the natural expression of love – dual love – as we connect to reality from moment to moment.  Thus, we are wearing out way too soon.  (In the new system we will actually gain more and more life each moment instead of lose it.  We will be like a muscle that grows with use instead of a tire that wears out.)

In the case of the crazy kids above we should properly react out of love of self and others.  Others mean God, the kids and all other people existing.  When realized correctly joy flows from this because you are receiving and giving at the same time for the cleanest and holiest motive.  As you finish this article you will understand this deeper.

Can we correct this imbalance?  Yes!  Easily!  To start you need to remember your divine education from the Bible and Jehovah’s organization.  And then you need to give about 30 minutes or so and do the the initial exercise below.  After that just practice little by little.  As you do you progressively “align” more and more and experience more health, life and joy.

In order to prime you for this experience you have to learn a few quick facts.

  1. Your body continues out into space infinitely.
  2. God is creating and sustaining you simply by being aware of you.
  3. You are developing this moment in conjunction with God and every other sentient life form in existence.

While these may seem deep…well, I won’t kid you, they are.  However, they are also not so difficult to grasp, at least enough to use.

Thanks to Jehovah we live in a “user universe”.  What I mean is that we didn’t have to read a manual to use our eyes or go to a university to learn to walk.  Yet these systems are so complex they make our heads spin.  Thankfully, Jehovah made everything very user friendly.  And these concepts are too.  There is a whole lot involved but you only need to know a bit to use it.  🙂

Jehovah designed the universe to be “user friendly”.

So, number 1 is that your body continues out infinitely.  You know that your tissues stop at your skin and hair.  That is a no brainer.  But did you know that you are generating a bioelectric field around yourself that extends about 30 feet?  This is absolutely measurable and provable and scientists have done so.

While this doesn’t prove the bioelectric field it does show you that you are far more extensive than is commonly accepted:

Stare at the back of someone’s head for a while.  They will almost always turn to see who is intersecting with their field.  If you are going to try this experiment make sure that the person is at rest and conscious, like standing in line quietly or reading a book.  You also may have to do it do a few minutes.

This has been done in scientific studies and studied thoroughly, it is not demonic.  It is humanic.  😛  It is the way Jehovah created us.  We transfer information through quantum channels as a matter of just being alive.  Telepathy?  Whatever.  It is how we work.

However, 30 feet is obviously not infinity.  So just how do we go on forever?  Well, our bodies produce a quantum field that extends to the farthest star in the farthest galaxy.  In fact, every object in the universe generates or simply has an infinite quantum field.  In this way, everything and everyone is in contact with everyone and everything else.  Wild, huh?

Well, so what?  We’ll get back to this.  Now on to number 2…

‘God is creating and sustaining you from moment to moment.’  Scientists have stumbled upon something totally radical.  They now realize that when a conscious entity such as a human being pays attention to another person or an object, even a subatomic particle, that thing actually changes!  In the case of subatomic particles these become more defined when paid attention to.  For instance, an electron exists in a multiple number of places in an atom at the same time!  Think of the electron as being a householder who lives in all of the houses in the neighborhood until you knock.  Suddenly, that homeowner “collapses” into one place and lives only behind the door you knock on!  Of course, he or she may hide on you!  😛 (Keep up the wonderful ministry!)

The fact that we humans affect reality on such profound levels so massively has made quantum physicists spout mystical ideas which have been around for centuries.  One of these is that we are dreaming up the universe from moment to moment.

In fact, our consciousness does affect reality to a degree that we don’t yet know.  But as Jehovah’s Witnesses Jehovah has taught us that he created the universe.  Not us.  He has created us in his image though.  So, we have power like he does.  We do shape the universe with our attention and thought and action like Jehovah does.  We even shape each other.  The Bible shows us that, incredibly, we even affect angels and Jehovah himself!

However, we aren’t the Creator or even a creator but we are developers.  To flush out this thought a little more you might liken the universe to the internet.  In this illustration, Jehovah created the internet and the programming which governs it.  But develops can then make websites and programs which build on Jehovah’s work.

Jehovah names us his “fellow workers” in the case of the telling forth of the good news.  But because of the way he created us we are also fellow workers in developing this moment in the universe.  However, if our attention alters the universe from moment to moment Jehovah’s attention must actually sustain it.  We could then say that without Jehovah being aware of all things at all times they would actually cease to exist!  In our internet illustration we could say that Jehovah is also like all of the wires, routers and servers.  As soon as they go away, no more internet!  No more universe.

Without Jehovah God being aware of all things at all times they would actually cease to exist!

So, by virtue of the scaled down power Jehovah has given us to shape the universe and each moment, number 3 bears repeating!

We are fellow workers with Jehovah in developing each moment of the universe!

If that is so, then, true agape, being expressed dually means that we need to develop the skill and work ethic Jehovah has in paying attention and developing each moment in love.  For love of himself and all others Jehovah God is always paying attention.  He is never drowsy as the scripture says.  And he is always enjoying his work!  We should imitate and learn from him.

In order to do so there are a couple of exercises you can do.  These develop your awareness of certain consciousnesses.  After you do these exercises you will be able to be aware of yourself in all places, developing the moment.  You will be aware of Jehovah sustaining your existence with his attention.  You will be operating and honing dual love as you co-develop from moment to moment.  And your joy and energy will increase!

(To continue to develop these abilities and your joy here it is absolutely vital to keep growing in your relationship with Jehovah through the normal spiritual ways!  Without that these exercises fall flat.)

First of all sit quietly where you won’t be distracted for about 25 minutes.  Place your hands apart.

Now, without moving become aware of:your right hand in a relaxed way.  Don’t look at it.  Just become aware of it.  Can you notice a sense of warmth in it?  Heat?  How about coolness?  Can you sense a pulse?  Can you feel tension or relaxation in places in your hand?  Just be gently aware of whatever comes to you.  Don’t force it.  You are connected to everything and so everything you become aware of will eventually come to you.  You may feel vibration or a sense of electricity.  All of this is an aspect of ruach and neshamah, your life force and the respiration that crates and sustains its flow.  (See Breath of Life article to learn more about that.)

After being aware of your right hand for about 45 seconds to 1 minute in the same way become aware of the following: (for about 3-10 seconds each)

  • Left hand.
  • Both hands at the same time.
  • Both wrists.
  • Both forearms from your wrist to your elbows.
  • Both upper arms.
  • Become aware of both arms from your shoulder to your finger tips.
  • Become aware of your shoulders and upper back.
  • your mid-back.
  • Your lower back.
  • Now become aware of your whole back.
  • Become aware of your hips.
  • Become aware of your entire pelvic region.
  • Your thighs.
  • Your knees.
  • calves.
  • feet.
  • toes.
  • become aware of your legs from your hips to your toes.
  • become aware of your big toes.
  • Second toes.
  • Third toes.
  • Forth toes.
  • And your little toes.
  • Become aware of your torso AND
  • Arms…AND
  • Legs…
  • Become aware of your neck
  • the tip of your nose
  • your whole nose
  • the area between your nose and your upper lip
  • your whole face
  • the top of your head
  • the back of your head
  • your entire head
  • become aware of your entire body…
  • have gentle awareness for your entire body.
  • Now, even if you don’t think you can…
  • Become aware of the area around your body a foot away from your skin.
  • Have awareness for this whole area.  It is your personal energy field encapsulating your body.
  • Become aware of the whole room.
  • Moving your awareness upward so that you are looking down (this awareness is imagination, something Jehovah gave you so that you can develop – it is not leaving your body or any mystical thing like that) …
  • Become aware of the entire building.
  • Become aware of the area around the building.
  • Expanding upward and being aware of what is under your perspective…
  • Become aware of the whole city or town or widespread area.
  • Now become aware of the whole state you live in.
  • Surrounding states.
  • The whole continent.
  • The whole earth, spinning silently on it’s God-programmed axis.
  • Moving further out become aware of the moon circling the Earth.
  • Become aware of the Earth and inner planets circling the sun.
  • Become aware of the whole solar system.
  • Moving faster now become aware of the whole galaxy with its billions of stars spinning in perfection, just as Jehovah created it.
  • Now become aware of the clusters of galaxies until receeding until they are but stars.
  • The whole universe of galaxies is so far off now that they appear as one big gleaming sphere.
  • Moving further off it appears as an orange.
  • A pea.
  • A single bright speck of light in the dark universe.
  • Now let it wink out.
  • Become aware of your awareness everywhere in the silence.
  • Become aware of your body.
  • Become aware of yourself everywhere again.
  • Become aware of the room.

Now, in addition to being incredibly relaxed you are now aware of your consciousness everywhere in the universe.  No, you don’t know everything that is happening out there but you feel your expansive self “out there”.

Realize that your consciousness is not out there doing nothing.  It is intersecting with all things and people and so is affecting all things no matter how slight.  You are co-developing the universe with Jehovah and other humans and beings all of the time.  Just be deeply aware of this fact.

Become aware of yourself everywhere again.

See?  How long did that take?  No time at all!

Now become aware that Jehovah is there (or here) too, supporting your existence and shaping it with you from moment to moment.  How?  Simply allow yourself to feel it and know it.

Do you feel a quietness, joy, peace, bliss, ecstasy or anything like that?  This is the result of being aware of your developer ability and warm relationship with Jehovah as a son/daughter and fellow worker of the joyfully living – creating and making and forging this moment.  It is like what happens when a child reflects on the joy of fellowship with a parent as they do fulfilling work together.  Know that Jehovah feels the joy of working with you too as your Heavenly Father.

So, how can you best show dual love?  Become aware of 1) yourself everywhere developing, 2) Jehovah developing with you, 3) your joyful privilege-responsibility to co-develop the most quality moment for yourself and others.

Be aware of yourself as the giver and receiver at the same time.  You give when you receive and you receive when you give.

Whenever you wish to become aware of yourself everywhere all you have to do now (after doing this exercise) is simply become aware of it.  It is like having on a coat.  You don’t always think about it, but the moment you do, there! You are aware of it.  You feel it!

You can be aware, focused – with a silent mind – on developing the moment in the most loving way possible.  According to dual love.  The principle of agape!

To break yourself out of your constant “mindstream” simply become aware of what you are feeling in your hands, what you are feeling in your body, what you are seeing, hearing smelling, tasting.  Become aware of yourself everywhere.  Become aware of Jehovah there with you, creating and sustaining you from moment to moment so that you can be a lover, a son or daughter to share life and develop this moment for him and for you and for all, in the spirit of love.

You don’t need to go through the whole exercise again.  Only if you wish.  Now that you have become aware of yourself everywhere it is a simple thing to experience it from time to time throughout your day, whenever you wish.

To become more and more aware more and more often pick certain times where you will become aware of 1) your senses, 2) yourself everywhere, 3) Jehovah sustaining you and the universe and 4) the joy of developing the moment with Jehovah.

When you do this 1, 2, 3, 4 bam, bam, bam – over and over – like a drill from P.E. you soon begin to develop a deep deep calm where absolutely awesome things happen that cannot be explained through science (at the moment).  Your health begins to improve.  Even negative emotions rise up and then melt down to nothing when you are in this Natural State.  Things that go “wrong” don’t bother you.  You are developing this moment with Jehovah.  Nothing will actually turn out wrong in the long run because Jehovah – who is more powerful than anyone – is there watchfully supporting your life, your development and your developing always.

Try it!


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