The Scriptures to the Rescue!

The Examining the Scriptures Daily again came as food at the proper time for me personally.

A couple of years ago I shared a way to self heal with someone who could have used it. It is a proven and very natural way. However, it is not known by the mainstream.

I left an invitation open to learn more. I think I wrote down a website for research if those persons wished to know more.

Fast forward two years. I receive an invitation to a reunion through a third party. Reportedly, it was in email form. It allegedly said that I was invited but requested not to bring up that health thing.

First of all, this came third party to me. I really don’t know what the phrasing was. I just know that I was upset.

The text was helpful because I was running through my mind how an elder, who should know better, wrote in an email to someone else, basically a sensitive reprimand meant for me. Secondly… and thirdly!

See, this is where the text came in. It was a reminder of being gentle, kindly, freely forgiving. If there even is a reason or any indiscretion on the part of others, well I’ve been forgiven in such a greater way that it would be shere unthankfulness not to be forgiving right back.

That greatly helped me to clear the feelings that were developing. The thoughts I was thinking, the resentment that was building and the walls I was throwing up all came to a screeching halt.

The Scriptures are wonderful! A lamp to my foot.


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