Powerful Branding Opportunity for Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I just read an article by Ed Roach: The Branding Guy.  He wrote about what he feels is Jehovah’s Witnesses Powerful Branding Opportunity.  In the article he says that two Jehovah’s Witnesses came to his door and he asked them about blood transfusions.  Do Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse this treatment?  He had thought of it as barbaric up to that point and learned that there are actually very safe alternative non-blood medical care.

The opportunity, he feels, is in becoming the “poster child” of non-blood medical alternatives.  Sharing these discoveries far and wide would allow Jehovah’s Witnesses to turn their image around at the same time as they provide helpful information to the pubic.

Well, here is a little insight into Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Though we are concerned what people think of us it is in balance with what Jehovah God thinks of us.  How do we stand up to his scrutiny?  What is our reputation with him?  This is what concerns us first and foremost.

Of course, Jehovah is not speaking out as he did in Bible times.  But we can clearly see God’s blessing – or not – as we sincerely apply Bible principles.  Analyzing the results we do more of the same when blessed and we prayerfully dig back into the Scriptures when the blessing doesn’t seem to be there.  Then, we modify our approach and try again.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are very careful to make one thing their focus and one thing only: promoting God’s Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom is a government, an administration, that is made up of actual people.  Under God’s direction it will fix all of the problems on earth from the environment to crime and everything in between.  It will do it with 100% success.

Jehovah’s Witnesses will never get mixed up in feeding the poor (although we certainly do), trying to help teenagers with morals (although we do), save the whales (we try not to be part of any such problem to the extent possible) or push through various laws and agendas like smoking control and cessation.  Though these things may be positive they are not what Jesus told us to be focused on as his followers.

What we do is teach about Jehovah’s Kingdom.  There is no way to get a better brand or reputation than simply following Jehovah’s principles and moral standards as laid out in the scriptures.  Although many people like to analyze moves the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses make and say how smart or stupid it was, we don’t care and we don’t think like that.  We simply look into scripture and the most relevant Bible principles stand out that help us to make the appropriate decision.  Then, Jehovah does his part and blesses it.

This is an organization with over 7 million volunteers worldwide preaching a united message in over 500 languages in every nook and cranny on earth.  Yes, even where Christians could get their heads chopped off for talking about the Bible and Jesus.

If you open up a Watchtower or and Awake periodical you will never find an ad in it.  That is so refreshing to me.  If I wasn’t one of Jehovah’s Witnesses I would become one for that reason alone.  Obviously, they do not allow money to drive them but they contribute it from the heart to produce their own publications and they are financially responsible.

They do not support any war anywhere.  Ever.  They are at peace within and fight no carnal warfare with any nation or group of people anywhere, even when nations, groups and individuals have sought to expunge them.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have thousands of hospital liaison committees made up of trained men to speak with hospitals and doctors everywhere and help educate them about what is available as well as learn what these people know and how we can be cooperative.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have thousands of Patient Visitation Groups made up of many many Witnesses who make sure that Jehovah’s Witnesses are taken care of even if they come to a hospital in an area where they don’t know anyone.

Jehovah is helping us to be successful and fulfill our commission without being known for anything in particular…except showing up at your door and speaking about the one thing that will change the face of the earth and every human heart for all time: God’s Kingdom.

The world wishes us to be known for anything and everything else.  But Jehovah’s Kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ is the only thing that we will preach.


4 thoughts on “Powerful Branding Opportunity for Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  1. I admire your conviction Dan and your rational response to my my article. I believe the Jehovah’s Witnesses would benefit immensely from a more accurate perception of their transfusion perspective. As it stands, those non-members like myself (until my article) continue to judge based on mis-truths and that is an injustice. Why allow it to persist, when an opportunity awaits that would shine a truer light of understanding? There is nothing to be gained by perpetuating a myth by relying on the general public to discover a truth they don’t realize exists.

    • Thanks for your response, Ed.

      I quite agree with many points! Jehovah’s Witnesses do benefit from a more accurate perception of most anything having to do with them. We know of countless examples. It is also very nice to have a better relationship with the communities that we preach By and large though it is a trap to go in that direction. Many Witnesses have fallen into it but as an organization we have only focused on helping people to understand us as a community instead of at the individual level when it threatens the continuity of our work. For instance, just a few years ago Witnesses in France ran a quick campaign to expose what the French government was trying to do with the anti-cult or sect Laws. They were using it to try to steal more than 60% of all contributions made to Jehovah’s Witnesses. That would have terminated our legally and publicly organized work in France and forced us underground to a certain extent. French citizens were interested and moved. Some became interested in the message about the Kingdom on that occasion.

      For the most part though, responding to people’s judgments and trying to create a brand will not work. We are concerned with our name with Jehovah because Jehovah cannot be fooled. People are just the opposite. They cannot actually know the truth – of anything – unless Jehovah helps us. Our brains are in silence and our senses must project a maps of what the world is. It is filtered through our preconceptions and thus distorted. We can never really see the whole picture. If we could it would still be limited by our perspective. So trying to tell others how to view us is a fools errand. We don’t know how to go about that. No one does. All we can do is walk in Jesus’ footsteps as Jehovah ordered. If we get the same response as Jesus did then we are getting ii right. Jesus said ‘some will listen, most will hate, some will hate enough to do damage, none will win’. We will keep on enduring and growing. Thus, we see what Jesus said coming true.

      It is not the controversial issues about the Witnesses on which the world wishes to focus that we will fix our attention on. Obedience to God made us spearhead a movement into the development of bloodless medicine even while blood medicine was just developing. We didn’t know this is what we were doing.

      No law student when studying into the free speech, assembly and many other areas of law can fail to see the enormous impact that Jehovah’s Witnesses have made in keeping people free in so many ways. We don’t need to announce that we did this. We actually didn’t. This was a work of Jehovah. We can also look upon it as a side effect of obedience to Jehovah and Jesus as they direct us to do whatever peaceful and reasonable thing is necessary to bring this message to individuals everywhere.

      We know what most people think. But it is perhaps even more amazing to see Jehovah move people to listen. In my experience they are seldom the thinkers of the world. The Bible actually says that those who try to rely only on logic to know truth will be totally trapped by it.

      Although our messages is logical and practical Jehovah often surprises me. So many in the last few years have been drawn to become Jehovah’s Witnesses teach me lessons. One of the lessons is that Jehovah knows who he wants not me. Another is that Jehovah knows how to find them and uncover their eyes no matter what they formerly believed about the Bible, God, Jesus or Jehovah’s Witnesses. And I have learned to stop trying to do the work my way and teach and do as I’m directed and things flow. Then the true joy flows. I have also learned that human logic without intently and painstakingly trying to get and keep Jehovah’s perspective on matters leads to wasteful and just plain bad decisions personally and in my ministry.

      As for injustices, all of these will be set straight in time. Even now Jehovah manages them expertly to our amazement. Those that are allowed to inflict us for a time hone our endurance and strengthen our love for each other. At the right time, these are undone or slackened somewhat and we take advantage of greater freedom to widen and deepen our work. We learn more about Jehovah in the wise way he carries on this worldwide work.

      “And they will be certain to fight against you, but they will not prevail against you, for ‘I am with you,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘to deliver you.’” – Jeremiah 1:17.

      • A brand isn’t “telling” someone how to view you, it is getting them to “understand” who you are by your actions. A brand has to be authentic. Lead by example (if you will). I can say “I’m a branding expert” all I want, but it is my actions that will persuade you to accept that statement or not.

        So by taking the road to becoming the authority in bloodless transfusions, JW need only let the word out. It is the general public’s acceptance of that fact (pro or con) that matters. Even if they choose to not accept it, because it would be true can only mean that segment of the population are negative due to self-delusion. But the JW brand is only stronger with this truth.

        Good conversation – thank you.

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