Talking to your kids about 9/11

I just read an article on an ABC news site on that subject.

It’s point is to help your children feel safe.  That is very important.  What is very funny is that this organization, ABC along with all of the other mainstream news organizations are engaged in helping people to feel terrorized each and every day.  On top of that, there is little true reporting of accurate and balanced news going on.  It is based on agendas.

The coverage of 9/11 showed the planes going into the buildings and then the buildings going down over and over and over and over again.  Then, it showed who the Americans were supposed to direct their vengeance at.  Classic conditioning.

Armies were mobilized.  Blood flowed.  Money changed hands as did power.  Americans along with the entire world ended up with laws that sleep for most people…but that have been used and will be used more in the future, to do whatever those humans at the top wish to do.

I was getting engaged in the building that was brought down several months before that September.  In that very month, or at least close to it, a very highly trained covert crew of demolition experts used the elevator company in charge of a refit of the entire elevator system in the building to line the building with explosives.  The explosives were military grade.  To this day the proof is floating around in lower Manhattan.

Now, though it is true that the people with government and banking connections were masterminding the felling of the world trade center buildings this doesn’t scare me in the least.  Why?

I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah has taught me simply what true history is.  In 4026 B.C.E. Adam was created.  Not too long afterward he rebelled against God being led into that rebellion by a rebel spirit.  Adam and Eve put themselves and all of their children under the influence of Satan.  Humanity, though it may sincerely attempt to make things better hurts each other while trying every type of self-rule.  Jehovah has allowed this extremely foolish experiment to prove that we’ll only harm ourselves and the environments that we inhabit.  However,

Jehovah is going to pull the plug on these governments very soon.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, will fail to be uncovered and judged.  Yes, even the massacre of 9/11 and the many thousands of others murdered in senseless warfare and strive before and after.  All for money and power and fame.

In the days directly after 9/11 Jehovah’s Witnesses as a united organization preached to people in NYC and perhaps in the wider United States (I was in NYC but I don’t know if the entire US branch got the same instructions we did in NYC) to preach calm and peace.  We helped people to be calm and soothed them with the thought that Jehovah will avenge.  All the while the then current administration was busy stoking the public ire so that it could get the backing for the war which would enable them to change the political, industrial and legal landscape.

Jehovah helped us be completely immune to Satan’s crafty acts and remain free of the blood of all men.

We feel safe in the knowledge – the sure knowledge – that Jehovah will soon send Jesus out to destroy the evil people behind these atrocities, as well as all those supporting this disgusting system.  We also know that Jesus will thereafter be ordered to resurrect righteous ones – the meek – and they shall inherit the Earth in peace.  Under Jesus’ direction, they will rebuild and no one will trick them and control them again.

Kids aren’t safe in body.  No one is.  So that story is just telling lies to children.  This is setting them up for unstable mental structure.  But we know that Jehovah will resurrect us should we fall by crime, sickness or any other thing.  In the meantime we will not fall under the guile of spiritual traps.  We will love our neighbors by telling them about God’s Kingdom, which educates and protects its citizens, not tricks and murders them.

This is what we can and do teach our young.  And that is why they show such balance and joy.


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