Gearing Up to Unseat Obama

Wednesday evening Republican presidential hopefuls duked it out in a campaign debate going over the hottest issues holding currently American attention.  The following are some of the childish barbs used:

  • “Michael Dukakis created jobs three times faster than you did.”
  • “I hate to rain on the parade of the great Lone Star State, governor, but as governor of Utah, we were the No. 1 job creator during my years in service”
  • “George Bush and his predecessors created jobs at a faster rate than you did.”

I remember how in high school there were student body elections set up to train the future politicians and citizens to be democratic thinkers.  I couldn’t help but notice how they seemed so insincere.  One guy who never said two words to me before handed me a piece of candy and said “hey Dan, vote for me, okay?”  I was rather surprised that he knew my name.  But a piece of candy?  Was he reading the child molester’s handbook instead of the politicians insincerity digest?  But I digress.

At the same time my fellow schoolmates were being trained to think democracy I was being trained to think and behave according to theocracy.  Theocracy is of course rule by God.  A true theocracy mean being ruled by the Sovereign Lord.  There are many gods which simply means “strong one” Or “powerful one”.  But Sovereign means highest ruler.  No one higher.  Everything and everyone under his dominion.  Jehovah is the Sovereign by virtue of being the both the Creator of all things and the Sustainer of them.  In fact, according to some fairly new understandings their are indications that God’s very attention and awareness of his creation is what continues its existence.  I know, that’s wild.

What I learned about theocracy in those days is that it saves brainpower, time and actually gets things done in real time, not just the appearance of things getting done.

We were a little congregation, population 45-60-something from most of the years that I was growing up.  We fulfilled our preaching, teaching and disciple making commission in a territory of over 3000 square miles through canyons, hills, mountains and valleys.  The people their were up back roads and some had even moved in part to get away from Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Well, nearly every year or two we got around to visiting nearly every single place in the county.  We spoke to all of our neighbors we could and we did it in organized way.  Imagine us poor people trying to get this work done while our elders sparred and traded nasty barbs.  Imagine what sort of unity we wouldn’t enjoy in the meetings as they tried to implement each one they own agenda.  Imagine all of the corruption with the donations.  Would anything ever get to the branch in order to help fund the production of publications and the branch facilities?

Theocracy is wonderful.  If you do a search on Jehovah’s Witnesses on the internet – I’m not saying you should, but if you did – you would find how most people oppose and hate us.  We are a bother to most.  Why?  Because we try to speak to them by coming to their homes.  This demonstrates how successful we are.

What other organization peacefully visits everyone in nearly every country on Earth at their own homes?

Could there be a World Wide Work on the theme of God’s Kingdom announced by Jehovah’s Witnesses if we tried to each do things our own way in each country, island, state and congregation?

When Hillary and Obama were running for president I again reflected on something critical.  Who is doing there jobs?  Seriously.  Who is being the senator of New York?  Who is being the senator of Illinois?  If they can be on the road this long and spend so much money trying to get another job are the jobs they hold really necessary?

Once these people become president guess what they are forced to do?  They are forced to pay off and bow to all of the people who put them there.  They spend hours of each day trying to keep their jobs instead of doing it.  And so much is based on simply trying to look like they are doing their job.  If in fact, they try to get something accomplished it will be spun into a weapon against them.  Anything that actually does seem like a gain can easily be ground under or undone with net loses of sorts as special (self) interest groups translate it into more foolishness.

Jehovah’s rulership is the only way to freedom and peace for all people.

Like John at the end of Revelation, I say, “come, Lord Jesus.”


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