After Irene: Painting the Skies Sickly Again

Here in the Delaware Valley where I live we’ve been getting a tremendous amount of rain.  Record amounts no doubt.  For a couple of years now I have been noticing that nobody uses the words “blue skies” anymore.  Even “clear day” is used only on the weather channels anymore.  I do not hear it from people in everyday speech.

The funny thing about this is that people don’t recognize this change in themselves.  They don’t realize what is going on around them.  We are being trained not to look up but to look in confined places which we are comfortable with and some of which constitute whole miniature worlds that we have a definite part in shaping and controlling.  Social media is one such example.  Television and fiction books are another.

Still, even if we aren’t tied to these things most here in the Delaware Valley (and no doubt in most of the United States and large portions of the world) have missed the otherwise obvious fact.  There are few blue skies and clear days left.

After Hurricane Irene passed along with other rain storms before it and after it I started to see slightly clearer skies.  This morning, however, I noticed my old friends again.  These are ugly man-made streaks in the sky that many attribute to condensation of burnt up jet fuel by passing jets.

Not more than a year ago and probably less, military aircraft would crosshatch the sky constantly or go back and forth in a row-like pattern laying down these trails.  They expand over the matter of a few hours to blot out the blue and turn the sky into a silver mess, even if the day is still technically “clear”.  Lately, I think that they are doing this in some other way.  For I know the sky is getting worse but I do not see these aircraft as much.

What exactly is going on?  No one knows for sure.  Don’t even try to ask the government.  You will get no answer.  There are many internet websites on this.  Most are called “conspiracy theory” sites.  They theorize that this is a clandestine attempt to destroy the population’s ability to procreate and shorten our existing lives as well.  (Population control.)  Others says that it is an attempt to guard nations from enemy satellites.  However, even without theorizing we can factually call it a conspiracy.  For the governments around the world have consistently lied about this reality.  That constitutes a conspiracy in anyone’s definition.

Anyhow, for a couple of days there I enjoyed what can almost be called clear blue skies.  Actually, they were a far cry from the skies of yesteryear, such as when I was a boy.

I – like millions of others – am awaiting a much more powerful storm then hurricane Irene.  This storm will cover the earth, the sea and in fact will each into the very heart of every person on earth.

Unlike the storms that we see today, it will not be indiscriminant.  Unlike the storms today it will not hurt the good and the bad together.  It will seek out and completely cleanse from the earth all people that are destroying humanity and the habitats that we were supposed to manage lovingly and intelligently.

Jehovah God had John write at Revelation 11:18 that he purposes to bring to ruin all those ruining the earth.  This is on a set day in the near future which we know because of the composite sign that God gave through various prophets.

All true worshippers of God look to him to clear the skies and lead us in the way in which we should walk.  It will be quite a contrast from waking up to look at these sickly silvery skies.

With each thought and action in our day we can support God’s rule by measuring up to his standards in the best way that we can, by looking to Jesus and relying on the sacrifice he gave so that we can have a good relationship with Jehovah…for we fall short of this goal many times.

And by continuing to preach the simple good news of God’s Kingdom that he preached.


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