Modern Theory vs. What We Actually See

Modern Theory: Energy and matter sprang from nothing.

What We Actually See: Energy and matter are influenced by consciousness on both subtle and gross levels.  Studies show that consciousness of animals, especially humans, affects matter on the quantum level regardless of distance and time.  Consciousness seems to be the supervisor of energy and matter.  Contrast this with the fact that we’ve never seen energy and matter come from “nothing”.

Modern Theory: Energy and matter began to form complex inanimate systems in the early universe.

What We Actually See: No order in the universe that we can see has formed from less orderly systems before our eyes.  What has seemed to has actually occurred within a complex matrix of the Zero Point Field which is a field of basic and yet infinite order whose origins and maintenance we have yet to explain and theorize about.  Also, this Field, while apparently serving as the foundation of all systems of energy and matter within it does not have to be the “creator” of these forms in the Field any more than the foundation of a building must be the creator of the rest of the structure and the people who dwell in it.  It could just as well be the paints on the palette and the canvas on which holds the brush strokes.

Modern Theory: Simple life sprang from inanimate systems.

What We Actually See:  We’ve never seen this.  It is complete theory and every test shows the complete opposite.  It is also impossible to test since we are complex systems (human beings who are of high order consciousness).  So even if life were to arise while we observe simply watching for life in a universe which responds to our consciousness may have actually influenced the result.  However, nothing remotely like this has ever occurred.

Modern Theory: Complex life sprang from simple life.

What We Actually See: Again, we have only ever observed less complex systems being developed from more orderly and complex systems and never the other way around. A law of thermodynamics postulates that all systems tend toward entropy.  In other words, systems tend to break down in our universe not develop into stable systems nearly perpetual in their efficiency.  When systems that we know of are designed that are award-winning for humans these are the ones that are the most flexible, durable, efficient…basically the ones that are best at resisting the entropy of the system.  Systems within life and celestial mechanical bodies that seem to self correct do not prove that greater order comes from present systems but rather that the systems that we are studying are award-winning designs.  Or at least we have a much better argument saying so on the evidence.

What do you think?  Comments please!


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