Why I Do Not Vote

“Have you voted yet?”

This election day I was asked this question more than I’ve ever been asked before.  No.  I haven’t voted yet, I would say. I don’t vote.  Of course, the question is “Why?”

First of all, it is nice that at this time and in this country, for the most part, a person can discuss this topic.  The level of tolerance is a thing that I appreciate greatly.

I also respect the reason that people ask as well as their follow up challenge to my answer that I do not vote.  They are concerned about the public good and concerned about positive change in the government.  They think of the blood of those who have died in order for this current state of tolerance to be enjoyed.  I respect that spilled blood as valuable as well.

It is not because I do not respect the sacrifices of well meaning people throughout the history of the United States in making changes toward tolerance of having a public voice and other freedoms.  Nor do I dodge civic obligations as I routinely share in helping my neighbors develop better lives volunteering my own time and energies for this purpose.  As well, following the laws of the land and the spirit of those laws is important and I endeavor to be such a law abiding citizen in all things.

Really, the chief reason that I don’t share in the voting process, or really any political effort, is because of my personal religious understandings and beliefs.  Secondly, the rationale that arrives out of these insights enables me to see other reasons why I wouldn’t vote.

The Bible actually starts off by describing a great project that God was involved in.  He was preparing the Earth for habitation and then development under human guidance.  Humans, in turn, were plainly to be guided, not by instinct nor principally by other humans but by God’s laws and principles.  Having set that scene the Bible then describes a rebellion from God’s sovereignty.  Adam, the progenitor of all humans, decided that he would do what he wanted rather than what God directed.  Making such a statement was profound.  Questions had been raised, “Can humans successfully govern themselves?  Is God’s rulership necessary?”  God ruled that these questions and others closely related needed to be answered for all time.  Thus, he allowed Adam and Eve, the first parents of humanity to proceed with their experiment.

Humans have tried all kinds of government among them monarchies, republics and democracies.  God’s standards for measurement is different from what ours might be.  His purpose in creating the Earth was to have a beautiful planet populated by healthy, undying human beings who govern their habitat and the creatures in it effectively, “painting” with the palette of creation beautiful things and living at peace and harmony.  As you probably realize, each and every government that has ever ruled has been an utter failure.  Each government lies to it’s people, fails to protect and govern its people, and abuses their power over them.  They do not consistently set good examples in behavior and they are unqualified to fulfill their objectives.

Although God has allowed this rebellion to continue, God has not approved of it.  He does not approve of human self-governance.  Right away, in Eden, God spoke of a seed that would crush the person behind the lie that incited Adam and Eve into rebellion.  Further study of the Bible reveals that this “seed” is a subsidiary government that will actually restore God’s sovereignty to it’s proper place over the Earth and carry out God’s will expressed toward the Earth and the human race as stated in Genesis 1:28 and enlarged upon in other Scripture.  Jesus’ purpose in being sent to the Earth was to tell about this government.  He called it “the Kingdom of the Heavens” and “God’s Kingdom” and so forth.  It is what he taught all Christians to pray for and to seek to support the development of in his famous model prayer.  “Let thy kingdom come”.  One program of that government will be the resurrection, a complete restoration to life for all those who have lived and died since the rebellion (with only a few exceptions which God has not revealed in full).  Though human government has lied about a lot of things they have not attempted to say that they could possibly do anything of this nature.  However, eight resurrections were recorded in God’s Word of truth so that we may realize that the Creator can recreate anyone who has ever lived whenever he sees fit.

The Kingdom of God – as represented by it’s principle ruler, Christ, when he was on Earth – has always conducted itself as neutral when it comes to political affairs.  It requires it’s subjects to do the same.  God’s will as stated for the governments of Earth is that God’s Heavenly Kingdom will destroy them at his appointed time.  (Daniel 2:44.)  This is revealed to be an action of God, not humans.  Christians have been commanded by Jesus to preach a message of peace and cease carnal warfare and support of such.

As the Bible teaching about the folly of human rulership and God’s invincible purpose has allowed me to look objectively at human government without either 1) ignoring it’s corruption and 2) becoming depressed.  Though I respect all governments, including the one that I’ve lived under all of my life – the United States of America – I do not look to is as a superior example of government.

Even while in school I learned in civics class that the U.S.A. is not a democracy.  It was originally a democratic republic.  An electoral college actually chooses the highest office, that of the president.  The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives make up this electoral college which is supposed to represent the people of the United States.  Arguably, early in the history of the United States this actually occurred.  However, this is not the case now.  Powerful forces in banking and other industries control a large number of these seats and are able to sway and threaten those who are not fully under their control.  The office of the President in the last century nearly always can be found to be representing the interests not of the general populace but of the groups that placed and keep him in office.

This sort of corruption has been growing at alarming rates, not only in government but in every area of human activity.

These are among the reasons why I maintain my political neutrality and have become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses who teach others about the only real and lasting solution to all of humanity’s problems, God’s Kingdom.  Jehovah’s Witnesses do their best to learn and apply God’s standards as set forth in the Holy Scriptures.  The fruitage of these efforts has been the end of war among them.  They do not share in any politics or war efforts in the 235+ lands of the Earth in which they live.  They are concerned with their neighbors and reach out by teaching about the solution.  This leads to high levels of literacy, lower levels of disease and poverty, more peaceful humans, wives and children, neighborhoods and again, responsible and caring citizens and has actually ended carnal warfare among them as an international populace as well as other positive results.  All of this is a matter of public record although it is as unbelievable (more so, I feel) to many as any miracle in the Bible.

While waiting patiently for God’s solution to be implemented Jehovah’s Witnesses realize that God has allowed humans to continue self-rule.  According to Jesus and Bible writers, those that put themselves up as rulers are to be respected and obeyed even when they don’t appear to deserve either respect or obedience.  As far as it depends on me I obey all laws of my government except where these might command me to break God’s laws.  Thankfully, the United States is currently a nation of relative tolerance where this conflict rarely happens.


Modern Theory vs. What We Actually See

Modern Theory: Energy and matter sprang from nothing.

What We Actually See: Energy and matter are influenced by consciousness on both subtle and gross levels.  Studies show that consciousness of animals, especially humans, affects matter on the quantum level regardless of distance and time.  Consciousness seems to be the supervisor of energy and matter.  Contrast this with the fact that we’ve never seen energy and matter come from “nothing”.

Modern Theory: Energy and matter began to form complex inanimate systems in the early universe.

What We Actually See: No order in the universe that we can see has formed from less orderly systems before our eyes.  What has seemed to has actually occurred within a complex matrix of the Zero Point Field which is a field of basic and yet infinite order whose origins and maintenance we have yet to explain and theorize about.  Also, this Field, while apparently serving as the foundation of all systems of energy and matter within it does not have to be the “creator” of these forms in the Field any more than the foundation of a building must be the creator of the rest of the structure and the people who dwell in it.  It could just as well be the paints on the palette and the canvas on which holds the brush strokes.

Modern Theory: Simple life sprang from inanimate systems.

What We Actually See:  We’ve never seen this.  It is complete theory and every test shows the complete opposite.  It is also impossible to test since we are complex systems (human beings who are of high order consciousness).  So even if life were to arise while we observe simply watching for life in a universe which responds to our consciousness may have actually influenced the result.  However, nothing remotely like this has ever occurred.

Modern Theory: Complex life sprang from simple life.

What We Actually See: Again, we have only ever observed less complex systems being developed from more orderly and complex systems and never the other way around. A law of thermodynamics postulates that all systems tend toward entropy.  In other words, systems tend to break down in our universe not develop into stable systems nearly perpetual in their efficiency.  When systems that we know of are designed that are award-winning for humans these are the ones that are the most flexible, durable, efficient…basically the ones that are best at resisting the entropy of the system.  Systems within life and celestial mechanical bodies that seem to self correct do not prove that greater order comes from present systems but rather that the systems that we are studying are award-winning designs.  Or at least we have a much better argument saying so on the evidence.

What do you think?  Comments please!

After Irene: Painting the Skies Sickly Again

Here in the Delaware Valley where I live we’ve been getting a tremendous amount of rain.  Record amounts no doubt.  For a couple of years now I have been noticing that nobody uses the words “blue skies” anymore.  Even “clear day” is used only on the weather channels anymore.  I do not hear it from people in everyday speech.

The funny thing about this is that people don’t recognize this change in themselves.  They don’t realize what is going on around them.  We are being trained not to look up but to look in confined places which we are comfortable with and some of which constitute whole miniature worlds that we have a definite part in shaping and controlling.  Social media is one such example.  Television and fiction books are another.

Still, even if we aren’t tied to these things most here in the Delaware Valley (and no doubt in most of the United States and large portions of the world) have missed the otherwise obvious fact.  There are few blue skies and clear days left.

After Hurricane Irene passed along with other rain storms before it and after it I started to see slightly clearer skies.  This morning, however, I noticed my old friends again.  These are ugly man-made streaks in the sky that many attribute to condensation of burnt up jet fuel by passing jets.

Not more than a year ago and probably less, military aircraft would crosshatch the sky constantly or go back and forth in a row-like pattern laying down these trails.  They expand over the matter of a few hours to blot out the blue and turn the sky into a silver mess, even if the day is still technically “clear”.  Lately, I think that they are doing this in some other way.  For I know the sky is getting worse but I do not see these aircraft as much.

What exactly is going on?  No one knows for sure.  Don’t even try to ask the government.  You will get no answer.  There are many internet websites on this.  Most are called “conspiracy theory” sites.  They theorize that this is a clandestine attempt to destroy the population’s ability to procreate and shorten our existing lives as well.  (Population control.)  Others says that it is an attempt to guard nations from enemy satellites.  However, even without theorizing we can factually call it a conspiracy.  For the governments around the world have consistently lied about this reality.  That constitutes a conspiracy in anyone’s definition.

Anyhow, for a couple of days there I enjoyed what can almost be called clear blue skies.  Actually, they were a far cry from the skies of yesteryear, such as when I was a boy.

I – like millions of others – am awaiting a much more powerful storm then hurricane Irene.  This storm will cover the earth, the sea and in fact will each into the very heart of every person on earth.

Unlike the storms that we see today, it will not be indiscriminant.  Unlike the storms today it will not hurt the good and the bad together.  It will seek out and completely cleanse from the earth all people that are destroying humanity and the habitats that we were supposed to manage lovingly and intelligently.

Jehovah God had John write at Revelation 11:18 that he purposes to bring to ruin all those ruining the earth.  This is on a set day in the near future which we know because of the composite sign that God gave through various prophets.

All true worshippers of God look to him to clear the skies and lead us in the way in which we should walk.  It will be quite a contrast from waking up to look at these sickly silvery skies.

With each thought and action in our day we can support God’s rule by measuring up to his standards in the best way that we can, by looking to Jesus and relying on the sacrifice he gave so that we can have a good relationship with Jehovah…for we fall short of this goal many times.

And by continuing to preach the simple good news of God’s Kingdom that he preached.

Gearing Up to Unseat Obama

Wednesday evening Republican presidential hopefuls duked it out in a campaign debate going over the hottest issues holding currently American attention.  The following are some of the childish barbs used:

  • “Michael Dukakis created jobs three times faster than you did.”
  • “I hate to rain on the parade of the great Lone Star State, governor, but as governor of Utah, we were the No. 1 job creator during my years in service”
  • “George Bush and his predecessors created jobs at a faster rate than you did.”

I remember how in high school there were student body elections set up to train the future politicians and citizens to be democratic thinkers.  I couldn’t help but notice how they seemed so insincere.  One guy who never said two words to me before handed me a piece of candy and said “hey Dan, vote for me, okay?”  I was rather surprised that he knew my name.  But a piece of candy?  Was he reading the child molester’s handbook instead of the politicians insincerity digest?  But I digress.

At the same time my fellow schoolmates were being trained to think democracy I was being trained to think and behave according to theocracy.  Theocracy is of course rule by God.  A true theocracy mean being ruled by the Sovereign Lord.  There are many gods which simply means “strong one” Or “powerful one”.  But Sovereign means highest ruler.  No one higher.  Everything and everyone under his dominion.  Jehovah is the Sovereign by virtue of being the both the Creator of all things and the Sustainer of them.  In fact, according to some fairly new understandings their are indications that God’s very attention and awareness of his creation is what continues its existence.  I know, that’s wild.

What I learned about theocracy in those days is that it saves brainpower, time and actually gets things done in real time, not just the appearance of things getting done.

We were a little congregation, population 45-60-something from most of the years that I was growing up.  We fulfilled our preaching, teaching and disciple making commission in a territory of over 3000 square miles through canyons, hills, mountains and valleys.  The people their were up back roads and some had even moved in part to get away from Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Well, nearly every year or two we got around to visiting nearly every single place in the county.  We spoke to all of our neighbors we could and we did it in organized way.  Imagine us poor people trying to get this work done while our elders sparred and traded nasty barbs.  Imagine what sort of unity we wouldn’t enjoy in the meetings as they tried to implement each one they own agenda.  Imagine all of the corruption with the donations.  Would anything ever get to the branch in order to help fund the production of publications and the branch facilities?

Theocracy is wonderful.  If you do a search on Jehovah’s Witnesses on the internet – I’m not saying you should, but if you did – you would find how most people oppose and hate us.  We are a bother to most.  Why?  Because we try to speak to them by coming to their homes.  This demonstrates how successful we are.

What other organization peacefully visits everyone in nearly every country on Earth at their own homes?

Could there be a World Wide Work on the theme of God’s Kingdom announced by Jehovah’s Witnesses if we tried to each do things our own way in each country, island, state and congregation?

When Hillary and Obama were running for president I again reflected on something critical.  Who is doing there jobs?  Seriously.  Who is being the senator of New York?  Who is being the senator of Illinois?  If they can be on the road this long and spend so much money trying to get another job are the jobs they hold really necessary?

Once these people become president guess what they are forced to do?  They are forced to pay off and bow to all of the people who put them there.  They spend hours of each day trying to keep their jobs instead of doing it.  And so much is based on simply trying to look like they are doing their job.  If in fact, they try to get something accomplished it will be spun into a weapon against them.  Anything that actually does seem like a gain can easily be ground under or undone with net loses of sorts as special (self) interest groups translate it into more foolishness.

Jehovah’s rulership is the only way to freedom and peace for all people.

Like John at the end of Revelation, I say, “come, Lord Jesus.”

Powerful Branding Opportunity for Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I just read an article by Ed Roach: The Branding Guy.  He wrote about what he feels is Jehovah’s Witnesses Powerful Branding Opportunity.  In the article he says that two Jehovah’s Witnesses came to his door and he asked them about blood transfusions.  Do Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse this treatment?  He had thought of it as barbaric up to that point and learned that there are actually very safe alternative non-blood medical care.

The opportunity, he feels, is in becoming the “poster child” of non-blood medical alternatives.  Sharing these discoveries far and wide would allow Jehovah’s Witnesses to turn their image around at the same time as they provide helpful information to the pubic.

Well, here is a little insight into Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Though we are concerned what people think of us it is in balance with what Jehovah God thinks of us.  How do we stand up to his scrutiny?  What is our reputation with him?  This is what concerns us first and foremost.

Of course, Jehovah is not speaking out as he did in Bible times.  But we can clearly see God’s blessing – or not – as we sincerely apply Bible principles.  Analyzing the results we do more of the same when blessed and we prayerfully dig back into the Scriptures when the blessing doesn’t seem to be there.  Then, we modify our approach and try again.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are very careful to make one thing their focus and one thing only: promoting God’s Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom is a government, an administration, that is made up of actual people.  Under God’s direction it will fix all of the problems on earth from the environment to crime and everything in between.  It will do it with 100% success.

Jehovah’s Witnesses will never get mixed up in feeding the poor (although we certainly do), trying to help teenagers with morals (although we do), save the whales (we try not to be part of any such problem to the extent possible) or push through various laws and agendas like smoking control and cessation.  Though these things may be positive they are not what Jesus told us to be focused on as his followers.

What we do is teach about Jehovah’s Kingdom.  There is no way to get a better brand or reputation than simply following Jehovah’s principles and moral standards as laid out in the scriptures.  Although many people like to analyze moves the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses make and say how smart or stupid it was, we don’t care and we don’t think like that.  We simply look into scripture and the most relevant Bible principles stand out that help us to make the appropriate decision.  Then, Jehovah does his part and blesses it.

This is an organization with over 7 million volunteers worldwide preaching a united message in over 500 languages in every nook and cranny on earth.  Yes, even where Christians could get their heads chopped off for talking about the Bible and Jesus.

If you open up a Watchtower or and Awake periodical you will never find an ad in it.  That is so refreshing to me.  If I wasn’t one of Jehovah’s Witnesses I would become one for that reason alone.  Obviously, they do not allow money to drive them but they contribute it from the heart to produce their own publications and they are financially responsible.

They do not support any war anywhere.  Ever.  They are at peace within and fight no carnal warfare with any nation or group of people anywhere, even when nations, groups and individuals have sought to expunge them.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have thousands of hospital liaison committees made up of trained men to speak with hospitals and doctors everywhere and help educate them about what is available as well as learn what these people know and how we can be cooperative.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have thousands of Patient Visitation Groups made up of many many Witnesses who make sure that Jehovah’s Witnesses are taken care of even if they come to a hospital in an area where they don’t know anyone.

Jehovah is helping us to be successful and fulfill our commission without being known for anything in particular…except showing up at your door and speaking about the one thing that will change the face of the earth and every human heart for all time: God’s Kingdom.

The world wishes us to be known for anything and everything else.  But Jehovah’s Kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ is the only thing that we will preach.

Talking to your kids about 9/11

I just read an article on an ABC news site on that subject.

It’s point is to help your children feel safe.  That is very important.  What is very funny is that this organization, ABC along with all of the other mainstream news organizations are engaged in helping people to feel terrorized each and every day.  On top of that, there is little true reporting of accurate and balanced news going on.  It is based on agendas.

The coverage of 9/11 showed the planes going into the buildings and then the buildings going down over and over and over and over again.  Then, it showed who the Americans were supposed to direct their vengeance at.  Classic conditioning.

Armies were mobilized.  Blood flowed.  Money changed hands as did power.  Americans along with the entire world ended up with laws that sleep for most people…but that have been used and will be used more in the future, to do whatever those humans at the top wish to do.

I was getting engaged in the building that was brought down several months before that September.  In that very month, or at least close to it, a very highly trained covert crew of demolition experts used the elevator company in charge of a refit of the entire elevator system in the building to line the building with explosives.  The explosives were military grade.  To this day the proof is floating around in lower Manhattan.

Now, though it is true that the people with government and banking connections were masterminding the felling of the world trade center buildings this doesn’t scare me in the least.  Why?

I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah has taught me simply what true history is.  In 4026 B.C.E. Adam was created.  Not too long afterward he rebelled against God being led into that rebellion by a rebel spirit.  Adam and Eve put themselves and all of their children under the influence of Satan.  Humanity, though it may sincerely attempt to make things better hurts each other while trying every type of self-rule.  Jehovah has allowed this extremely foolish experiment to prove that we’ll only harm ourselves and the environments that we inhabit.  However,

Jehovah is going to pull the plug on these governments very soon.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, will fail to be uncovered and judged.  Yes, even the massacre of 9/11 and the many thousands of others murdered in senseless warfare and strive before and after.  All for money and power and fame.

In the days directly after 9/11 Jehovah’s Witnesses as a united organization preached to people in NYC and perhaps in the wider United States (I was in NYC but I don’t know if the entire US branch got the same instructions we did in NYC) to preach calm and peace.  We helped people to be calm and soothed them with the thought that Jehovah will avenge.  All the while the then current administration was busy stoking the public ire so that it could get the backing for the war which would enable them to change the political, industrial and legal landscape.

Jehovah helped us be completely immune to Satan’s crafty acts and remain free of the blood of all men.

We feel safe in the knowledge – the sure knowledge – that Jehovah will soon send Jesus out to destroy the evil people behind these atrocities, as well as all those supporting this disgusting system.  We also know that Jesus will thereafter be ordered to resurrect righteous ones – the meek – and they shall inherit the Earth in peace.  Under Jesus’ direction, they will rebuild and no one will trick them and control them again.

Kids aren’t safe in body.  No one is.  So that story is just telling lies to children.  This is setting them up for unstable mental structure.  But we know that Jehovah will resurrect us should we fall by crime, sickness or any other thing.  In the meantime we will not fall under the guile of spiritual traps.  We will love our neighbors by telling them about God’s Kingdom, which educates and protects its citizens, not tricks and murders them.

This is what we can and do teach our young.  And that is why they show such balance and joy.

But Did Jesus Save ALL Jews?

(This post is a sequel of “Jesus Had to Die – By Why On a Torture Stake?”)

Some professed Christian religions are focused on the modern day nation of Israel.  They expect big things to happen there in fulfillment of Bible prophesy.

Other questions also arise, did Jesus save all of the Jews with his death?  Or are some condemned forever?

Jews, on the other hand, often have the feeling that they are God’s chosen people.  They have nothing to do with Jesus, thinking of him, essentially as a first century Jewish apostate.

Using the scriptures we can consider all of this neatly with a sweep of the two edged sword, God’s word, the Bible.

There is a prophetic picture in the Bible that can help us out here.

For forty years (between 1513 and 1473 B.C.E.) the Israelite nation wandered in the wilderness of Sinai, “a fear inspiring” place, serving their time for fatal cases lack of faith and obedience.

What specifically did they fail to obey?  Jehovah had given the Israelites the command to invade the Promised Land and destroy the squatters inhabiting it.  The Israelites thought this unwise.  They felt that they couldn’t win since they didn’t factor in Jehovah’s support.

Instead of the plenty they would have had Jehovah brought them to a place were they would learn that every single day of their life is in reality fully dependent on Jehovah’s blessing.  They would learn that this blessing is only given if one is in a healthy relationship with Jehovah God.  That in turn is only possible if one is faithfully obedient and has developed the quality of faith in God.

The Jews of today and most of the professed Christians are not obeying Jehovah nor have they developed a faith in him.  You see, to develop faith we need to have accurate knowledge of Jehovah and what he purposes.  Part of his communication to his people are specific directions for salvation.  We need to listen carefully to this and then follow through on that obediently.

It doesn’t matter whether we claim to be a Jew or a Christian, if we are not obedient to the Sovereign Lord, there is no salvation.

Jehovah gives specific direction during a calamity whereby obedient to that direction will lead to getting out of the calamity.  In other words careful obedience leads to salvation.  One specific situation we can refer to actually happened during the 40 year sentence on Israel.

The Israelites had taken up irreverently complaining about the miraculous food and water supply.  The monotony was testing them.  As always, Jehovah disciplined them to the proper degree.  Yet in Jehovah God’s greatly diversified and farsighted wisdom he also used the punishment to foreshadow things about the coming Seed and Messiah.

Jehovah used a punishment of the Israelites to foreshadow something important about Jesus.

In this situation Jehovah sent poisonous snakes into the camp of the Israelites.  The people kept getting bit and dying.  They came to Moses to beg him to intercede.  What was Jehovah’s answer to Moses?  What would be the way for the Israelites to gain salvation from this particular threat.  Moses was directed to make a copper serpent and hang it on a pole or upright stake.  The Israelites, if they got bitten, would need to look at this single copper serpent that was hung on a stake.  If they would do that then Jehovah would extend mercy and heal them of the snake bite.

So, again here we have a threat for which people couldn’t help themselves out of and specific directions that needed to be followed in order to gain divine intercession.

The Israelites needed to look to a copper serpent on a pole.  The serpents being sent into the camp may have stood for the bite of the Original Serpent (Revelation 12), Satan.  In the garden of Eden, Satan led the first humans into disobedience to Jehovah God, creating the first crisis.  All acts of disobedience are like fatal snake bites.  They lead to death.  No matter how small or large, ‘the wages sin pays is death’ so says Romans 6:23.

Jehovah had set Jesus up on a stake more than 1475 years after that event.  If any human would look to Jesus with faith based on accurate knowledge of Jehovah and full obedience then Jehovah would consider them qualified to receive the free gift of salvation.

Evidently, the non-Israelites traveling with the Jews also got bitten by the snakes as they too were complainers.  Though the camp was vast there was no other snake.  There was no snake for the non-Jews and one for the Jews.  There was not a series of snakes so that people could easily look at it wherever they were in the vast camp.  Anyone who wished to live needed to look at that one copper serpent.

So too today, whether a person be a Jew or from any other nationality they must learn about Jesus and then obey Jesus with all their heart.  Just as faith in God came to mean looking at a simple copper serpent for those people back then, so looking to Jesus and obediently following in his footsteps is the only way to gain a favorable relationship with God today which leads, of course, to salvation.

The fact that Jesus died on a torture stake saved obedient Jews who lived between 1513 B.C.E. and 33 B.C.E.  These Jews were bound to obey the Law of Moses.  They were cursed under the Law of Moses since they couldn’t obey it perfectly.  Only a death of a perfectly obedient Jew on a torture stake could help them.  However, the legal power of the Law of Moses was done away with upon Jesus’ death in 33 C.E.  After that time the Jews as a people were no longer a special possession and could claim no special relationship with Jehovah God whatsoever.

Jesus fulfilled the Law – which was a tool to teach humanity about the death-dealing reality of sin – and thus abolished its legal power in 33 C.E. with his death on a torture stake.


Thereafter, Israel was no longer a chosen people.

Other Jews living after that time can take advantage of salvation from God the same way as any other human.  They must come to know and obey the Sovereign, Jehovah and also his son, Jesus Christ, and bring their lives into harmony with their commandments.

Christians who continue to watch the news for some movement in Israel are lacking in accurate knowledge of God and Christ.  They have to take such in and then become obedient to it as indicated by their names.  As I stated before, most Christians do not really follow God and Christ acceptably.  In another post we’ll use the Scriptures to clearly show that most Christians are not following Christ and what it looks like when one is.

All of humanity must also learn about Jesus and follow him if they wish to escape the bite of the snake.  Remember, just as Jehovah God foreshadowed thousands of years ago in the desert of Sinai, there is only one “copper serpent”, one channel, one set of directions to gain salvation.

“There is no salvation in anyone else, for there is not another name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved.” – Acts 4:12.